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Q: Whats BoxTorrent?

BoxTorrent is a Torrent-Site dedicated to Microsofts Xbox.
If you dont know what a "torrent" is, visit BitTorrent for more Information.

This site is primary for distributing demos/trailers/etc from games and of hombrew-software.

Retailgames are not welcome and if you upload one, you have to face a permanent ban.

Q: Which torrents can I find on BoxTorrent?

This site is primary for distributing demos/trailers/etc from games and of hombrew-software.
BoxTorrent is not interested in distributing copyrighted material and if you are searching for retailgames, this is the wrong place.

Q: God DAMN! Your site r0xX0rs! LOL !!! OMFG WTF !!!111oneone . What can i do?

  • Register to the site
  • Spread BoxTorrents URL through the web
  • Vote for us on topsites
  • Upload some torrents. (!)
  • Buy something from lik-sang through our banner(!)
  • and...of course...donating is the best way to keep BoxTorrent online.(!!)

Thank you :)

Q: Ive signed up to this site, but i dont get the email with the password.

First, sign up again and make sure that you havent mistyped your email. If you typed your email correctly the first time, your will get an errormessage "Email already in use". Its amazing how often people write their emails wrong.
If you get the errormessage, check your mailbox... They are more often full than you may imagine (Confirmed by the mailbounces I get every day ;)
If your didnt mistyped your email and your mailbox is not full/Over quota, send me your email via the contact-form on the mainpage with the subject "No Confirmation-mail"
I will then have a look on possible problems and in some special cases (when theres nothing YOU can do) I will send you your password.

Q: How often do you update the seeds/peers status and whats that status-bar for?

Torrents, who use BoxTorrent's tracker, will be updated every 5 minutes.
External tracker-infos are updated each hour.
If you hover over a status-bar, there will be a text telling you when there was the last seed. If the tracker is down, or no seeds are available, the bar turns yellow.
After 1 day (with no seeds or if the tracker is not reachable), it turns red. The bar lasts in this status for 1 week. After that time, it will be deleted automatically.

Q: I've downloaded a torrent, but i doesnt start downloading!

If you downloaded a torrent, which uses the BoxTorrent's internal tracker, you have to be registered.
So, if you are logged in, your IP will be stored in a "good-IPs" database with every site-refresh to grant you access to the tracker.

Apart from this issue its always possible, that

  1. the tracker is down
  2. there are no peers to connect to
  3. you are banned/delayed due to a very bad ratio
  4. there are peers, but your network configuration is fucked up

Q: I get a reply from the tracker: "IP not known.", although I am logged in right now!

Aiiight, I already had a few inquiries regarding this issue blaming the site for not working correctly.
Solution: Disable your proxy or set your torrentclient to use the proxy.

Q: How do I upload a torrent?

If you are completely new to the world of torrents, I suggest to have a look on the following sites:

Official Bittorrent site
Bittorrent FAQ

There is no need to register, if you use an external tracker.

If you need a working tracker, I suggest to either use BoxTorrent's internal "" or pick one at The Beehive.

Please dont try to upload the whole file (yes, there were a few people trying that).
Uploaded files must have a ".torrent" extension and have to be created with a tool creating torrents. Renaming an .iso to .torrent is useless...

Q: Which torrents does BoxTorrent accept?

BoxTorrent accepts nearly all xbox-related torrents - independent of the tracker.
However, following torrents are not welcome and anyone upping one of them has to face a permanent ban from this site.

  1. Retail-Games - Respect gamestudios and their work - If you want to "Try before you buy", download a demo.
  2. SDK/XDK and Visual Studio - Warez, buy Visual Studio and get OpenXDK, if you want to develop .
  3. Spam (like "Visit my cool site at .torrent") - should be clear.

Q: Ive uploaded a torrent, but it isnt listed! Whats wrong?

First, you have to wait up to 1/2 hour to get your torrent listed.
After that time, it is possible, that your torrent is corrupt or that there are no peers to connect to. Boxtorrent checks that once, before a script moves it to the main list.

A 2nd possibility is the tracker - Sometimes trackers are overloaded and so it does not work on the 1st try - If its not listed within 2-3 hours, consider your torrent as corrupt or the tracker as scrape-incompatible.

Q: Whats a "ratio"?

A ratio is the ratio/percentage of the amount of data you have downloaded and uploaded.
Best practice is to have a ratio of 1. Which means you upped the same amount of data which you have downloaded before.
BoxTorrent can fetch traffic of a torrent which uses BoxTorrents tracker only. External tracker-traffic wont be counted
To keep those internal torrents alive, you HAVE TO stick to a minimum rate of 0.3

For example:
You have downloaded 500 MB and uploaded 500 MB - ratio: 1.00
You have downloaded 500 MB and uploaded 100 MB - ratio: 0.2 (too low for boxtorrent)

Q: Why ratios?

I always wanted to keep ratios out of here, but there are too much leechers causing dead torrents.
To prevent that, everyone has to fullfill the required rate of 0.3. Everyone below this will get a warningmail to fix it within 2 weeks
After that point of time you will be banned from the tracker for 3 month. (Donators are not affected by this rule - As they help paying the hardware+traffic they get a 6 month "free ticket" from the day they donated)

Q: My up/download-stats do not change during transfers!

Its technically impossible to record the transfers on the fly. Stop all your transfers and wait 2 hours. And make sure to not view the mainpage within 2 hours with a different IP. Theres no need to keep them stopped tho.

Q: I got a "Your ratio is to low"-warning, but ive upped more than ive downloaded!

Just like above. Hang on for 2 hours after stopping a torrent and your stats will be updated.
Be aware that BoxTorrent only tracks traffic of internal torrents.
Another possibility is that your client is fucked up. Please use common clients like Azureus/ABC/BitTorrent/BitTornado.
Dont use BitTorrent++, TorrentStorm, Nova Torrent and BitComet. Those clients dont follow BT specifications.



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